Fish Stew: Marlins Spring Training 2013 Sunday Edition 3/3

So, what is going on in the world of the Miami Marlins? Let’s pull up some chairs and take a look.

Dan Le Batard finally weighs in on the whole Jeffrey Loria thing. States that basically, this franchise has to win back the trust of the fans – but did they ever truly have it in the first place? Credibility is at the core of the problem for the Marlins and Le Batard, surprisingly for him, makes the case that the Marlins are the victims here. Read on! We kind of addressed it from a similar angle.

Greg Cote chews on the unpopularity of Loria as well.

Marlins sign Giancarlo Stanton – for $537K. Long term negotiations will come and the Marlins should do whatever they can to keep Stanton in Miami; even if that means overpaying. The only way to repair the long term damage done to this team is to show by your actions that you are committed to winning and keeping Stanton will do just that. Going to write something on this soon. Miguel Cabrera ended up netting $7.4M in his first year of arbitration and then was dealt (in arguably the most one sided trade in Marlins history, if not in baseball).

Jose Reyes sticks to his story about Loria and the whole house-buying discussion. It’s a he-said, he-said situation and the only clear way out is to back either Reyes or Loria. Whomever has more credibility will win the day, but does that mean Reyes is right? Personally, I don’t think it makes any sense for Loria to lie on this one but at the same time, if Reyes is not telling the truth, why does he feel the need to throw Loria under the bus?

Alex Sanabia is vying for the 5th spot in the rotation and is contending mostly with John Maine and Wade LeBlanc. He had a solid performance yesterday in Port Saint Lucie against the Mets going 2IP with 1K, no runs, and no BBs. Remember to vote in our poll for who you think will eventually win the 5th starting spot (my money is on LeBlanc).

Marlin legend Mike Lowell made a visit with the team to help out good friend Mike Redmond. He also was on the bench during the Marlins v. Mets game in Port Saint Lucie yesterday, where the Fish had to settle for an 8-8 tie after 9 innings. This is a good thing for the Marlins who are trying to sell themselves back to the fans. It shows that not all former players are bitter and hate this ownership group – especially when Lowell freely shares his thoughts about the team and the feelings from the fans’ perspectives. Wonder if he would take a one year deal to play 3rd again…

Adeiny Hechavarria gained a very strong endorsement from Hanley Ramirez, according to Jefrey Loria. Hech will be a defensive gem at SS, the question is can he hit enough to make him a quality SS or at best, another Rey Ordonez. He does have some ability to hit the ball and make contact, but he will never put up the kind of numbers Hanley Ramirez did – in his prime as a Marlin, of course. Still, there is a lot of buzz about the Marlins’ middle infield tandem in Hechavarria and Donovan Solano.

By the way – just a side note. Sun-Sentinel has decided to go behind a pay wall. Although I think this is a great move to protect their paper and business, this could backfire. Everyone will instead just read the Miami Herald or Palm Beach Post and push the Sun-Sentinel to the back. Not sure if they think they are the New York Times or not, but interesting to see if this works out for them. We can’t cite their articles because it would require users to create accounts to read them. Just something to consider Sun-Sentinel!