Nolasco and Stanton Downplay Criticisms From Offseason

MLB: Miami Marlins at Arizona DiamondbacksBoth players are now the most visible players left from last season for the Marlins. They are now the new fixtures of this team and the expected leaders at their positions; Stanton with his offense, Nolasco with his pitching.

As critical as these two players are to this team now, they are also acutely aware of how their public views are going to affect this team and franchise. So the once glaring criticisms, launched publicly, are now being downplayed.

Giancarlo Stanton’s famous tweet about his frustration with the direction of this franchise led to Ricky Nolasco voicing his opinion about wanting to be traded. It got hot in south Florida quick but the two seem to be taking a different approach as they head into the 2013 season.

Stanton was interviewed Friday for the first time about his offseason views. “I got what little words were out there to let it be known, and that was that. So we’re here now, and turn the page,” Stanton said. “There’s no reason to be mad. I’m here healthy and ready to play and be a part of the team. All the other nonsense, let it be what it is.”

Ricky Nolasco has even made some public appearances in support of the Marlins. He appeared at a Heat game recently, with Juan Pierre, to promo the Marlins upcoming season and when asked about his offseason remarks over wanting to be traded, he downplayed them. For the most part, he is trying to just move forward. “I’m just trying to go out there and have a good year. I’m not thinking about any kind of trades or anything like that. I’m just trying to go start by start and day by day to help this organization win as many games as we can.’’ As for revisiting his comments and the moves this past offseason, “Anything that has happened in the past is not going to be talked about anymore,” Nolasco stated.

The fact is both players were on vacation in Europe and even met up with Ozzie Guillen in Spain for a few days right before the Marlins announced they fired Guillen. This upset both Stanton and Nolasco and when the trade went down, their frustrations boiled over into public display.

Perhaps the most positive was what Stanton suggested about the future for this team. “There’s always ways to look past things,” Stanton said. “It can be rebuilt, and there’s time.” The Marlins have not offered Stanton a long term deal yet, the Sun-Sentinel reported. It remains to be seen what kind of approach the Marlins will take with their wunderkind hitter, but obviously getting Stanton to commit long term will take some serious repair that will have to start with a positive approach on the field and in the win column first. For both Nolasco and Stanton, that repair starts with their approach as well.