Who is Sam Dyson? Marlins Waiver Wire Pickup Getting Some Buzz

Can Sam Dyson continue to build on the talent he showed north of the border?
Can Sam Dyson continue to build on the talent he showed north of the border?

The Marlins have been very low key this offseason, almost ghost like.

After a tumultuous year, splashing with big cash and free agents, new unis, new stadium, new coach, but scant wins, the Marlins are looking to get back to their roots by winning with valued, overperforming assets. They may have found another nugget of gold trickling from the Blue Jays table.

The Marlins picked up Sam Dyson off of waiver wires from the Blue Jays when they needed to make room on their 40 man roster for Mark DeRosa. They tried to sneak him by the other teams in MLB but the bottom-feeding Marlins zoned in on him and claimed him for themselves.

He was able to rise up three levels in 2012 from the minors to the bigs. His 40.20 ERA is a bit exaggerated seeing as he only saw 0.2 IP for the Blue Jays last year. He even impressed none other than the Blue Jays manager with his meteoric rise within the organization:

Less than three months after his pro debut, Dyson is in the big leagues. And manager John Farrell says he has “maybe the best overall stuff in our organization.”

That is a pretty strong endorsement considering how far this guy had to go to reach the bigs. Here is a good read on his struggles. Dyson was drafted in the 4th round in 2010, but had to sit out 2011 due to Tommy John surgery, which the Blue Jays knew he needed and still drafted him knowing the risk. He recovered and made his professional debut last season in April, but by July he was in Toronto.

The question is, where will he shake out with this Marlins staff? A starter? Relief? Low risk for the Marlins may turn into high reward. Dyson will get a long look and considering that new manager Mike Redmond managed him last season, he may have an idea in mind already.