Marlins Competitive Spring Training and More

Looks like there is a lot of discussion about things on the field all of a sudden for the Marlins. Let’s sift through some notables:

Marlins add 31 non-roster players to their Spring Training roster and the Sun-Sentinel has the names. They have more players reporting to camp (71) than wins last season (69). Competitive advantage? Or bargain hunting?

Beinfest notes the talent pool and the potential openings will lead to better competition on the field. Interestingly, in regards to selecting new players, character seems to play a larger role in the evaluation portion. How that is quantified, remains a mystery but is certainly the most subjective part of the Marlins’ analysis of assets:

“When we’ve done our homework on the prospects coming back, the makeup of the player has been important,” he said. “So we feel we’re bringing in guys that are one, winners, and two, high quality people that are going to perform and work hard every day.”

Rule 5 draft pick, Alfredo Silverio looks to resurrect his promising career in the OF a year after a very severe car accident. He has shown an ability to hit, run, and field the ball. Justin Ruggiano is the slated starter for CF but depending on what this guy can show, and he is expected to be on the 25 man roster (or he goes back to the Dodgers), the Marlins may have a talented young player in the OF. If anything providing depth.

The Logan Morrison story continues to grow into a big concern. His knee surgery and the bad handling of it project him to not be able to get into the lineup until about one month into the season. In the meantime, who will man 1B? The Marlins picked up Joe Mahoney from the Orioles, a 6’6″ 1B/OF to get some depth. He may get in there as the Opening Day starter, which would be a scary thought for some. Then again, maybe Kevin Kouzmanoff slides over there. An interesting note is the fact that Mahoney grew up a Yankees fan and Tino Martinez is the new hitting coach. Not that there is any correlation, but Mahoney is a lefty that can play the corner infield and maybe Martinez will show him a way to cultivate a solid professional approach.