Not Likely: Possible Nolasco For Trumbo Deal Not Happening

While the past few days rumors have surfaced that the Marlins were talking with the Angels about a possible Ricky Nolasco for Mark Trumbo swap, there are strong suggestions that this possible scenario is dead.

First of all, there is the Kendry Morales for Justin Vargas (an ex-Marlin) deal. The Angels were able to trade one of their biggest strengths (power hitting) for a lefty starter to add depth to their rotation. Both teams actually got better after this deal, and although Nolasco may seem an equitable return for Trumbo, his price tag ($11.5M) may have been a bit too much to swallow even for the Angels. Vargas is in the mid-$2M range, and is a wash for Morales’ departing contract.

Trumbo also may have been pushed over to 3B for the Marlins. Recently the Marlins tried to acquire Nick Castellanos from the Tigers, but in falling short of that they may have shopped the Angels for Trumbo. Signing Polanco seems to be waiving the white flag on finding a third baseman and all but confirms the roster, as of now, is settled.

Juan Rodriguez of the Sun-Sentinel confirmed our suspicions via Twitter today, too. So, don’t bet on Trumbo settling in with Stanton any time soon here in Miami.