Mark Trumbo For Ricky Nolasco Next Move for Marlins?

Mark Trumbo_650x440There are a lot of reports that the Marlins are in discussions with the Angels for a possible trade. The Angels are looking to bolster their starting pitching and the Marlins may indeed be shopping Ricky Nolasco, who is due $11.5M in the final year of his contract.

Nolasco has been very candid about his displeasure with the direction of the team and as the last player from the 2006 era, he may be an antiquity that needs to be reshuffled. More importantly, Nolasco offers a quality arm for any team looking to log innings and get an improved chance of winning (see his WAR stats for better understanding of how he could contribute to a team’s bottom line). Nolasco may perform better on a team with higher pay grade and his performances may be a bit of a waste on a young, developing team.¬†Nolasco is also from California, and being in the final year of his contract, is going to be using this upcoming season as an audition to land a big contract – like former teammate Anibal Sanchez did with the Tigers.

Mark Trumbo has a lot of power potential and has splashed over the 30 HR plateau this past season. He is young and under team control for a few more years, which means he fits right in with what the Marlins are doing. Pairing him in a lineup with Giancarlo Stanton, and if Logan Morrison can finally deliver on his promise of hitting the ball (instead of Tweeting about everything in sight), this may have the makings of a very formidable young power lineup.

This deal would make sense but it is all about getting what each team wants. The Marlins may be willing to pay a bulk of Nolasco’s salary to net a guy like Trumbo – and if they are not, they better seriously awaken to the possibility. Acquiring a guy like Trumbo would not be seen as a pay dumping move but instead a build for a blueprint of the future where the Marlins would be setting themselves up for a brighter future. They would also communicate to Stanton that they want to form a strong nucleus of hitters around him which bodes well for a future deal with him. The Marlins, as Joe Frisaro has suggested, may even up the ante and send off a prospect to seal the deal. So Nolasco, a pitching prospect (outside of Jose Fernandez, of course) and, depending on how much salary they would have to eat, could make this deal happen.

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