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This fan base took yet another knee to the gut Monday when it learned Commissioner Bud Selig approved the trade that is sending Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, Emilio Bonifacio and John Buck to the Blue Jays. Some out there believe this move means it’s only a matter of time before Giancarlo Stanton is hitting mammoth homers for someone else.

Call it blind optimism, but I still thing Stanton’s next several seasons will be as a Marlin. Sunday, he made strong statements to Peter Gammons of about his disappointment with the trade and the club’s direction. President David Samson last week and Beinfest on Monday said Stanton had not been contacted. Not sure why the Marlins don’t feel it’s a priority to allay the concerns of their franchise player.

“I know this is an emotional time,” Beinfest said. “I know he had relationships with these guys. I don’t know that I have an appreciation for it. These guys live together, dress together, play together under the spotlight every night and they build a different kind of bond. I’m sure it’s been tough for him. Our feeling was to maybe let the dust settle a little bit, maybe let some of the emotion go away and we can get to Giancarlo and talk about getting to spring training with some of his new teammates. I hear it. I hear the frustration. It’s not unexpected.”

I asked Beinfest what he’d say to fans who are convinced Stanton will be traded at some point.

His answer: “I think we can only speak to our actions now. I understand the pause that our fans have with the instability in our roster and instability in our manager and general instability in a time that we were hoping to be very stable in the new building and winning a lot of games and having a lot of fun here at Marlins Park. It did a 180 on us and it’s just not a lot of fun.

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