Indefensible: Marlins Trade 5 Starters to Blue Jays

Another Marlins’ offseason, another salary dumping fire sale. The rhetoric will be that the team needs to save money, it’s revenue and attendance figures didn’t match their anticipated projections. The team, which spent $191M last offseason, vastly underperformed, too. Ozzie Guillen, the manager who the Marlins greatly anticipated, didn’t deliver wins but instead problems and he was canned.

Hanley Ramirez, another clubhouse cancer, was dealt to the Dodgers and supposedly, the Marlins were done dealing shortly thereafter. They sent Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante packing – to play for a World Series contender.

We’ve heard it all before. And I have tried to see the positive in this and have been able to make a defense of the Marlins’ moves in the past. No more. The line has to be drawn here and all of Miami – whatever remains of baseball fans or anyone with any shred of civic pride – needs to stand up and protest against Loria owning this team any longer.

Yes, the players that are being dealt under delivered. And yes, there are some real risks with those salaries and seeing the players never quite deliver. Is Jose Reyes really worth $108M? You might fare better in getting ARod to play SS for you – if you can pry him away from the Yankees. You certainly could make a better move by landing a guy like Josh Hamilton with something in that neighborhood – but who would want to come down here to play? Just one year after you make a splash with Reyes, Mark Buehrle, and Heath Bell signings, you trade them away?

Unless the Marlins announced that they have Josh Hamilton and Alex Rodriguez on their way down to Miami, there is virtually no good that can come of this. The Marlins have shredded their payroll yet again and all of this after they had a $515M brand new facility built by the taxpayers of Miami Dade County. This is the return on their investment? To go along with the bad parking and the questionable outfield sculpture, you now have a team with only 69 wins that has a worse prospectus for 2013. Is this a plan to create more revenue?

The Miami baseball market is dead or on life support. Either way, MLB has to step in here. Maybe there is something in the works. Maybe Loria is trying to gut the team to make it more marketable to another buyer. That would be a blessing in disguise but unless that happens, or some miraculous offseason splurge by the tight-fisted Fish, this latest move is disgusting and indefensible.