Coghlan and Ramirez Have Record Setting Month

It’s been an amazing month for the Marlins offense. From matching a streak of 10 or more hits in 15 straight games – a feat unseen since the 1920’s (and for that matter, never seen on TV) to watching some amazing individual performances. Chris Coghlan and Hanley Ramirez just became the first two Marlins since 2006 to combine for 80 or more hits in a month. The last time this was done was by Miguel Cabrera (42) and Dan Uggla (42). Hanley and Coghlan combined for 89 hits this past month.

For Hanley, who is pursuing the batting title, he also grasped another record – he tied the franchise record for most hits in a month set bu Luis Castillo in 1999 with 45 hits.

With all this offense, it remains to be seen if the Marlins can strap it together and get consistent pitching to get them to the playoffs.