Mrlns Kick off Phillies Series

So the Mrlns have a big series staring them in the face. Hey, you expected the Mrlns to do anything easy? C’mon!

The Mrlns role into Philly looking to make up for that sweep that they got handed to them by the all-powerful Nationals. You may be wondering why I am mispelling the Mrlins, well, I’m not. You see, they lost their vowels in that series against the Nationals. The Natty Lights, as I sometimes want to call them, spanked the Fish so hard that they knocked the vowels off of them and kept them just in case for future considerations. Until the Mrlns win another series, I am going to keep their vowels from them.

In all seriousness, the Fish have to win this series. They are treading water now but after that Cubs series you had to feel good about how the Mrlns were playing ball. They got some great clutch performances, none better than Dan Uggla and Cody Ross to close out that series against Kevin Gregg. Now, they are outmatched by the Nationals – but before you dismiss Washington, you should realize they are actually playing much better after chasing Manny Acta out of town.

More importantly, the Mrlns showed that they were not ready for a playoff run. The focus just wasn’t there. Sure, you could argue that they were playing the Nationals and that they would just try to coast to a win. That is the problem though, too. You can’t coast against anyone. And you need every win now that you can get. The Marlins should have swept the Nationals. Instead, the Mrlns got swept. Playoff chances hurt a bit, too. Now they will have to demonstrate unbelievable focus to get wins in Philly. Are they up for that challenge?