New Stadium Means New Hopes and Developments

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With a new stadium comes tons of new things – not just the cellophane wrapping and the other waste materials that come with a new package. But bigger things, too.

With a new stadium comes a new team name – gone will be the monicker of Florida Marlins as it will be slipped out in place of the Miami Marlins. There is something very endearing about that name – and not just its historicity. That just feels right.

Also with a new stadium is the new architecture that will dominate the area. Jeffrey Loria, an art dealer, has an eye for aesthetics and this new stadium is assured to please the most critical of eyes. Recently, I visited the new Acropolis Museum in Athens and was fascinated by its simple, yet elegant, modern design. The building literally floats on top of Athens, revealing its ancient floorplans below as you walk over the archaeology on glass floors. The Marlins new stadium evokes a kind of friendly hurricane, landing in the center of the city to churn out baseball and fun in an area that was once the heart of the city teeming with culture. We get to be excited about the impact the design will make on the game of baseball, but also on the city itself.

There is also another facet Marlin fans aren’t familiar with – the All Star game. The Marlins were slated to have an All Star game hosted event here after the franchise initially broke ground in 1993. That was stripped from the Marlins, however, after the tragedy of 1997 as Wayne Huizenga blew up the roster with the dreaded fire (sale) of Miami. Yesterday, at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new field, Bud Selig was asked about this possibility of getting an All Star game here in Miami – he was hesitant citing there are lots of new ballparks now. The fans in attendance started chanting “All Star game” immediately after he addressed the crowd.

More importantly, with a new stadium, the excuses are gone. There is nothing holding the Marlins franchise back unless the fans – that’s us, folks – don’t attend the games. The revenue streams open up quite a bit and gone are the days of seeing a great young player leave for another team. Heck, maybe we can even bring some of those players back once again.

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