Yankees Sore Losers In Weekend Series With Marlins

Seems that the Marlins taking two from the Yankees is just a bit too much to bear. Joe Girardi and the Yankees officially filed a protest to dispute the outcome of the game on Sunday, FOX reports.

Seems Fredi tricked himself with his moves: in the top of the 8th Chris Coghlan was slated to come out of LF for Alejandro De Aza, who batted for Reynel Pinto in a double switch. De Aza never came into the game and with Coghlan in LF, once Leo Nunez threw a pitch, Girardi came out of the Yankees dugout to protest the game. The Marlins had a 6-3 lead at the time.

Seems the intrigue was for naught as the Marlins held on to win 6-5 and arguably, it wasn’t because of any unfair advantage brought on by the mix up. In fact, Girardi joked he would like to uphold the protest and retain the two runs they gained to drop the lead from 6-3 to 6-5. A ruling will come this week about the matter but it should not overturn the result. Just seems like the Yankees, even if they have just cause, really are just being a bit sour about the result of this weekend’s series with the Fish. Stay tuned to see if the Yankees can rob a result from the Marlins, but it looks highly unlikely at this stage.