How Long Until Gaby Sanchez Arrives at Thirdbase?

Gaby Sanchez left the University of Miami as a firstbaseman, but now is facing his professional future at another position: thirdbase.

Every beat writer has been latching on to this story and its possibility, but our own MarlinAddict kind of put the observation out there first. Since he came back from injury, Gaby Sanchez has been playing third base and continuing to hit.

Right now against Omaha, Sanchez is playing 3B andis 2/3 hitting .331 on the season. Last season, he was the Southern League MVP hitting 42 doubles and sporting a .314 AVG. See Gaby Sanchez’s MILB Profile.

What seems to be holding up Gaby Sanchez? Perhaps it is simply his defense – he only has 2 errors on the year.

Jorge Cantu has a sore wrist and it is affecting his power – he has only 1 home run in his last 10 games. Emilio Bonifacio, as everyone knows, has been somewhat of an embarassment defensively at 3B this year with 11 errors on the young season.

By calling up Sanchez, the Marlins could effectively put Cantu on the DL (rest for his wrist) and still have the depth they need to play someone at 1B and 3B (Sanchez along with Gload and Helms). Not only that, but they could move Bonifacio from 3B to 2B, his natural position, and possibly trade Dan Uggla.

The Marlins have plenty of options in front of them. It’s time to exercise them.