Why Not Trade for Jake Peavy?

According to the latest reports, it is looking like San Diego ace Jake Peavy is staying put in sunny southern California.

There is a deal on the table from the White Sox to acquire the righty but rumors are Peavy wants to stay in the National League.

Peavy, the 2007 Cy Young winner who turns 28 later this month, is being moved so the Padres can recoup financially. With 99 losses last year, the Padres are not factoring into anyone’s post season plans and Peavy is slated to make a lot of money. His pay looks like this: $11 million this season, $15 million next season, $16 millions in 2011 and $17 million in 2012 (when the new park opens).

So why don’t the Marlins pull the trigger on a deal?

Yes, it would cost the Marlins money up front but considering where they are in the standings, and their chances for getting to the playoffs are greater than most, Peavy could be the difference maker. Imagine adding his arm to a rotation with Josh Johnson, Chris Volstad, Ricky Nolasco and a healthy Anibal Sanchez. Easily, that would be one of the most formidable rotations in baseball.

One of the problems the Marlins have been having has been getting consistent quality starts from their starters. With Peavy, the tone would be set early on and give the Marlins a chance to get wins over stronger teams and pitching matchups. Not to mention, Josh Johnson and Chris Volstad would be facing teams #2’s and #3’s, increasing the Marlins chances for a win.

It would cost the Marlins some prospects, but it would be a welcomed change for this fan base that wants to be excited about this team. A deal could start with a Jeremy Hermida and an Andrew Miller – both of which are young players with upside and getting everyday MLB experience. The front office can show it is committed to winning as they would be upgrading with more pitching.

The Marlins would have to take on more salary, but that may make a difference at the ticket office as surely more wins would come as well. In Peavy, the Marlins increase their chances of getting to the post season and all it would cost would be to eat his contract and give up some prospects. The Marlins would also be getting one of the best pitchers in baseball – and getting him at the prime of his career.