Gregg Costing Marlins Wins

Should Kevin Gregg continue to close games?

  • No (85%, 11 Votes)
  • Yes (15%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 13

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Sorry, Fredi, I don’t buy it. And if you really mean what you say, then the Marlins are in deep trouble. Kevin Gregg is not in any danger of losing his closing job? Really?

The Marlins are choking. Kevin Gregg is supposed to be there to give CPR and life support, but he hasn’t been able to save himself let alone his team. Sure, he has 15 saves, but he also has 6 blown saves.

Gregg also has 27 walks in 40 innings – that is the most of any reliever with 15 or more saves on the season.

This is a demonstration that Gregg’s control has not been precise – all season. So why keep putting him into these pressure situations which demand for a pitcher to respond by throwing strikes? Gregg’s WHIP is also a fat 1.43 which means hitters just aren’t fooled by him and when he is behind in the count, he has to throw strikes. It is a recipe for disaster.

Kevin Gregg needs to be lifted for a more promising closer. The sad fact is, the Marlins would have at most six more wins if Gregg just closed the door like he is supposed to. Where would that put the Marlins in the standings? Would that force Larry Beinfest, the team’s de facto GM to make a deal to improve the team? You bet. It would at least for the Marlins front office to look into making a deal to leap over the Phillies.

Yes, they will be getting Josh Johnson back sometime this week. Sure they will be getting Anibal Sanchez back soon, too. But what about Kevin Gregg? Will he continue to be inconsistent, at best, as the closer and cost the team wins?

Justin Miller was sent down because of an injury and Matt Lindstrom was recalled. “Justin” time, I say. Because he has quietly been one of the worst relievers we have had in the pen and has managed to escape too much ridicule. We all know what Miller is capable of, but he hasn’t shown good control all season. So, why is it any different with Gregg? Maybe because the Marlins don’t have any other options to close. Then again, let’s hope Lindstrom can come back and make Fredi think about making a change. Right now, Fredi isn’t showing much brass either by backing a pitcher who is struggling. Sure, you should back your players but when something is wrong, something is wrong. To support that is to lack any grey matter.