Marlins Sign Skipworth, Get a Glimpse at Future

Newly signed draft pick Kyle Skipworth got more than he bargained for, but would probably take none of it back.

Fresh out of high school, Skipworth was selected 6th overall and signed a $2.3 million dollar contract. Skipping college never looked so bright. Yet here he was, in sunny south Florida to watch his new team take on the team from across the state, the Rays, and taking BP. Hitting shots to opposite field, Skipworth was easily impressing the Marlins with his potent bat.

Then there is the razzing, so typical of the camaraderie of a baseball team and Skipworth, wearing a #1 on his jersey, might as well have had a target on instead. It was all in good fun though, as he played catch and talked to the players.

Skipworth is a lefty hitting, slick-gloved catcher from California. He has been compared to Joe Mauer, and has the maturity and intelligence to climb through the farm system quickly. The Marlins could use that, too, as they swap between Matt Treanor and Paul Hoover these days on the catching carousel.

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Along with Matt Dominguez and Cameron Maybin, the Marlins have a pretty strong core of three very talented bats in their farm system that could be used to fill holes around the time the new stadium opens. Coupled with that excellent pitching draft class that is now at AA Carolina (and Tucker is already in the bigs), the future for the Marlins is looking very strong.